Reader Reactions to Daughter By Court Order

There has been deep identification with the issues raised in the book. Indicative examples include:

  • ‘Is this your story or mine? I have lived it.’
  • ‘My mother could not put the book down, she saw herself in Aranya.’
  • ‘You have the courage and the words. Thank you for bringing up these issues.’
  • ‘It happens but no one talks about it. My brother is giving the smaller property to his daughter and the bigger one to his son. When the daughter objected, she was told this is a custom in our family. If my sister had objected we would not have had this life, now your turn to compromise for family peace.’
  • ‘Women are second citizens, we all feel it but reading the book has changed my attitude towards my daughter.’
  • ‘Reading the book made me appreciate my mother better. Kamini is a nightmare.’
  • ‘Randy in the book is so typical- educated abroad and so-called forward looking but look weak and greedy. Look around and one will find many.’


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