About the DBCO Forum for Women

‘Daughter By Court Order’ inspires women caught in a bad situation, be it marriage, job, health etc, that there will be an end and circumstances change, miraculous breakthroughs do occur and one can get thrown out of the tunnel of defeats and problems as suddenly as one is sucked in. The book emphatically encourages women to have courage and stand up.

In his message to the author, Prime Minister Modi has said:

“Women have a very important role to play in the development of India. It is the need of the hour to make women equal and integral part of the decision making process at every level. I have said it repeatedly then whenever there is any instance of harassment against women, we are overcome by a sense of despair. It is nothing but a national shame. We need to collectively work to bring about a positive change. I also agree with you that society needs to change its mindset and attitude when it comes to rights and dignity of women.”

These words echo the sentiments expressed by the Prime Minister in his Independence Day speech.

Receiving_PM_letterInspired and encouraged by the words of the Prime Minister, the author Ratna Vira announces the establishment of the DBCO Forum for Women.

The DBCO Forum for Women is a grassroots grouping, where each of us are able to contribute our time and skills to support women who are facing inequality and discrimination. Change begins with individuals, and the DBCO Forum aims to work ‘One Woman At A Time’. By bringing together individuals and organisations who want to make the world a better place by supporting women, the DBCO Forum will be a network and grouping for action-oriented philanthropy and volunteering.

A critical aspect of this work is to equip women with a voice to articulate the problems that affect their lives and then to work together to craft solutions to help solve these problems. An important element of empowering women is ensuring that they have economic opportunities, and the DBCO Forum hopes to assist women in skilling themselves and thereby controlling their futures.

The work of the DBCO Forum for Women will include advocacy, legal aid for women and providing mentorship and skilling opportunities. For this purpose, the DBCO Forum is reaching out to lawyers, journalists and other professionals to join and support the movement with their time and skills.

If you would like to join the DBCO Forum for Women, please write to us at ratna@daughterbycourtorder.com or use the Contact Page.