Ratna Vira

Author_Ratna-Vira_200Ratna Vira is the bestselling author of ‘Daughter By Court Order‘ (Published: 2014), a book that holds up a mirror to society and exposes the hypocrisy of families and how they treat their daughters.

Her second novel, It’s Not About You, was published in 2016, and was again on the bestseller lists. It is an urgent, contemporary tale of a boy bullied in school that celebrates the persistence of the human spirit to fight against all odds.

Ratna’s third book, Why People Give: Interpreting Altruism, was published in July 2019, and is co-authored with Suhasini Vira (among the first Indian mother-daughter teams to write in English). This non-fiction book examines the motivations for giving. This book is passionately argued, deeply researched and full of indelible stories of real people. The authors build a case for altruism and the urgent need for empathy in an increasingly self-centred and materialistic world.

Ratna holds a masters degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science, as well as a masters in English Literature from St Stephen’s College, University of Delhi. She also holds an MBA. Ratna is an alumna of the Convent of Jesus and Mary School, New Delhi.

She is the daughter of senior journalist, Nalini Singh, and SPN Singh.

Ratna juggles her corporate career with her writing and love of art. She lives in Gurgaon with her daughter and son, where she is at work on her next book.

Ratna has spoken at leading universities, international business schools, corporate occasions and been part of several panels.


[Photo credit for author profile and charcoals: Amit Pasricha]