Women, Family and Society

The book emphatically encourages women to have courage and stand up. Noticing and acknowledging the warning signs of abuse is the first step to ending it. No woman should live in fear of the person she loves and she should not hesitate to reach out for help.

‘Daughter By Court Order’ inspires women caught in a bad situation, be it marriage, job, health etc, that there will be an end and circumstances change, miraculous breakthroughs do occur and one can get thrown out of the tunnel of defeats and problems as suddenly as one is sucked in.

Recent developments in India and the discourse in public media have made this book even more relevant. Harassment of women, physical and mental, power equations and family oppression are no longer tolerated. In the process, some crusaders and activists have been exposed for practicing the very discrimination that they rallied against.

The debate in Indian media has begun to focus on the New India and the paradigm shift where women have found their voice, are refusing to be wronged, and are encouraging other women to speak up. Women can no longer be suppressed. The hypocrisy in society, once exposed, cannot be brushed under the carpet and money or prior reputations are not respected when even prominent members of society are seen to do wrong.