Waking Up to the Pandemic of Bullying

Iris Gomes writes about It’s Not About You in Prutha (her article: Waking Up to the Pandemic of Bullying), saying that:


The characterisation of pivotal protagonists is the backbone of this novel with Samaira who works at a corporate job while raising two children. She struggles to empathise with her teenaged son and is eventually blamed for the incident. Samaira herself, in a typical psychological reaction, suffers from self-loathing, but at the same time she defends herself by saying that she has done her best. This accusatory tone is derived from the family system that prevails in India: a misguided notion that if there is considerable familial control over young people then nothing adverse will happen to them.


Iris goes on to say that …


The book reveals much research …


and adds:


Silence in bullying situations, no matter the setting, is tantamount to complicity.


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