Tough Talk! Featured in Society magazine

Tough Talk!

A wonderful 4-page article in the March 2017 issue of Society magazine has featured Ratna Vira and her books (Daughter By Court Order and It’s Not About You).

“People say that she remodels her life incidents into fictional books. Whatever may be the case, her works mirror the dirt of the society very few find the courage to discuss in the open. Through her chosen medium of words, Ratna Vira attempts to question societal strictures, thereby unsilencing the silent maladies …”

Ratna mentioned to the journalist, Vinay Agrawal, that the hardest battle she fought was to write or not. To which, the journalist comments: “The writer in me cheers her decision!”






One comment on “Tough Talk! Featured in Society magazine”

  1. Rajesh says:

    Great going Ratna. I am sure a lot more will be coming in near future.

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