Praise for ‘Why People Give’

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“This is a truly remarkable book full of humanity and common decency. The authors understand the joy of giving and the impact of philanthropy, and now explore what altruism means, what makes people give. How and why does the act of giving transform lives, for those who give and those who receive? The stories they tell are full of humanity, conscious that people’s needs include dignity. Whilst the book is written about the basis for altruism and giving in India, it has global relevance. In a world in which there is deepening inequality and where populism is stoking fear of the other rather than compassion for our fellow human beings, I hope that it will be widely read. It deserves to be, and I trust that all who read the book will come away fuelled by the prevailing optimism that the young of today are the change-makers, more giving and forgiving than my own generation.”
Janet Anne Royall, Baroness Royall of Blaisdon, Principal of Somerville College, University of Oxford, and Former Leader of the House of Lords

“I see this book coming to the world at a very interesting time – it focuses on hope and optimism rather than worrying about the world. It focuses on how the world will, could and has always come together to serve its own people.
Written from the heart and written with such tremendous love and care- it is a very interesting account of our shared responsibilities and inspires (and provokes the selfish genes!) to look beyond thy selves and beyond our boxes called my own self.
I have had an opportunity to work with many philanthropists around the world who have either contributed their wealth, lent their voices, their time or their expertise. This book reminds us of a common denominator across those pledges- and that is the heart.
I am also touched by the fact that the book is authored by a mother- daughter duo. A relationship that transcends any other and a relationship that comes across as the force behind this beautiful narrative.”
Dr. Purvi Mehta, Head of Asia Agriculture, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

“A timely book that brings out empathy and compassion and tells us why we need to support each other in an increasingly selfish world. In Mother Teresa’s words: ‘If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.’”
Jacqueline Fritschi-Cornaz, Actress (she plays Mother Teresa in an upcoming film)

“The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers,” noted Thich Nhat Hanh. This has always been true but maybe even more so in this era of growing inequities and ever-increasing demands placed on our time, attention, and money from all corners. Philanthropy is the ability to look beyond oneself and plant the proverbial seed for a tree whose shade you will not necessarily enjoy. It takes vision, resources, and a big heart. This book traces in a highly readable and instructive way the evolution of altruism and philanthropy across time and across cultures. It is well researched and makes good use of real-life examples and scholarly research from various disciplines and brings to light many salient issues of the day.”
Prof. Sunder Ramaswamy, Vice Chancellor, KREA University

“This beautiful book reminds us that beyond the paradigm of philanthropy as a duty, and beyond the realm of impact investing with an eye on some return, there is a transformative quality in giving just for the joy of giving.”
Arun Maira, Former Chairman of Boston Consulting Group, India, and Former Member of Planning Commission of India

“This mother-daughter team makes an eloquent appeal, backed by research, for empathy and altruism, genuine concern for the well-being of others, which is vital for our times.”
Jairam Ramesh, Economist and Politician

“Philanthropy has always been part of Indian society, though the way we give differs from other parts of the world. This deeply insightful book explores the motivations for why people give.”
Raghav Bahl, Serial Entrepreneur and founder of several television channels

“Many strive to change the world, but there is nothing so heart-warming and rewarding like seeing first-hand how one has changed a single life for the better.”
Curtis S. Chin, Former U.S Ambassador to the Asian Development Bank