Praise for the Book

What people have said about ‘Daughter By Court Order’


Read the letter sent by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to author Ratna Vira about her novel, Daughter By Court Order



“This is an important book. It raises issues of women, society and family in modern India.”

[Cherie Blair, CBE, QC]


“This book is about hope and courage in the face of personal and emotional adversity. It draws the reader to reflect on living a life with grace, no matter what fate and life has in store. When faith in the Master is supreme, miracles are the way of life. Be blessed. JAI BABA.”

[Ruzbeh Bharucha, author of ‘The Fakir Trilogy’]


“Courage, support from unexpected quarters and the rule of law give hope in this important and contemporary book.”

[Rebecca Reichmann Tavares, Ed.D., Representative, UN Women Office for India, Bhutan, Maldives & Sri Lanka]


“A moving saga of a spirited woman’s relentless fight for her rights… Extremely well written.”

[B. B. Tandon, Former Chief Election Commissioner of India]



“It’s a very courageous book, I think it is a trendsetter and will make for a great film.”

[Dr. Kiran Bedi]



Talking about the issues raised in Daughter By Court Order: “There is no right given to the women to be wrong in quest for her ambition. She may make the same mistakes as the man; maybe walk away from a relationship. She doesn’t have the right to be [herself].”

[Sudhir Mishra, award-winning film director]



“‘Daughter By Court Order’ grabbed my attention from the moment I read the synopsis and the first few chapters. I couldn’t wait to get hold of the full manuscript, for the words seemed to fly off the pages. This is one of the most exciting and gripping books I have read. There are two main reasons that draw me to the book. Firstly, the premise of the book is really intriguing and makes me want to read further and find out what really happened. Secondly, I know that this book will touch a lot of people, specially women; it has staying power. A marvellous debut!”

[Shikha Sabharwal, Publisher]



“What Ratna has managed is brilliant. Making the reader want the back story AND a sequel!!”

[Sonalini Chaudhry]



“This book inspires and shows that the future will be better, no matter how bad the present appears. It is a human interest story of many daughter-mother and brother-sister relationships spanning generations.”

[Mirza Quiser Baig]