Jo, Darcy & Bookaholism on ‘It’s Not About You’

Jo, Darcy & Bookaholism. The popular blog reviewed Ratna Vira’s novel, It’s Not About You on 13th June 2016. Some extracts are given below:


I started reading this book thinking “Yeah, it’s gonna be one woman’s action packed fight against bullying. How empowering”. But man, was I wrong? Of course I was. It’s Not About You had more to it than constant trips to the police stations. This book dealt with emotions instead. Emotions that were so powerful that you couldn’t help but empathize with Samaira. It’s through her emotions that you’ll be reading this book.


This book is set in the suburbs of Delhi and Gurgaon and the picture that it places in front of your eyes about the happenings in the upper class society and schools is very scary and shocking. What’s scarier is that it’s all  believable. Well, I’m glad my school wasn’t like that. And the school in this book. Oh God! If it had been me instead of Sammy, that principal would have been crushed like an insect under a truck. How dare he?


The other characters and their relationships needs a special mentioning. The gossipy maasiji and Kitty aunty were spot on. The bonding shared between Sammy, Tara and Aksh, her children, was beautiful. And not to forget, the equation between Sammy and Rishi, her ex-husband, was something I enjoyed reading, immensely. A special thanks to Ratna for not creating a typical ex or a sloppy plot. Rishi, before being an ex-husband, was a father who loved his children beyond the stars and respected Sammy. And that is something I really appreciated.


It was one enlightening ride and would recommend it to those who want to experience the extent of bullying taking place around them under their very noses.


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