Go, Ratna, Go! You have a story to tell.

Reviewing It’s Not About You by Ratna Vira, the blogger, MyGreensBlog wrote on 23rd August 2016:


Finally, I gifted this book to myself on my birthday. It turned out to be a page-turning, compelling read. The story is set in my city of Gurgaon and it was amusing to see the mention of the familiar landmarks. Besides, the geographical affinity, the protagonist’s background and teenaged kid resonated with my real life and I did little else for two days but read this story.


All along the narration, I felt that it was my kid who had been bullied and I am glad that the end was what it was. The personalization effect of story-telling was huge. However, besides raising my empathy, I think the theme brings forth some important points.


I am quite willing to buy the next novel by Ratna Vira! Go, Ratna, Go! You have a story to tell.


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