Exploring The Dark Teenage World

Author Ratna Vira is making headlines for her second book, It’s Not About You, says the Nav Hind Times on 6th August 2016.


Ratna Vira who made a successful debut with her novel, ‘Daughter by Court Order’ which told a gripping story about a daughter who fights for her rights and in the process, Vira uncovers the underbelly of high society families. Now she is back with her second book, ‘It’s Not About You’ which tackles the issue of teenage bullying but also throws light on issues related to being a single mother, and the developing distance between parents and children. Thus, both her books in many ways explore the realities of contemporary family issues. On this point, Vira says: “There are many things in families that are not talked about – the undercurrent, jealousy and hypocrisy. Nuanced relationships in families make excellent plots. My books are popular because people can relate to the characters and identify with them. It also gives a peep into the upper echelons of society where a lot goes on but is concealed.”


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