Letter to PM Modi

23 August 2014

Shri Narendra Modi
Prime Minister of India
New Delhi

Honourable Prime Minister,

It is with great respect and hope that I write to you, particularly after hearing your heartfelt and wonderful speech at Independence Day. I, along with the rest of the nation, am deeply grateful for your victory in the recent Elections and hope that this brings a new era of prosperity for all the people of India.

I was, in particular, touched by your many references to the rights of women and that mothers should ensure that they treat daughters and sons with equal respect. Close to the time of your victory in the General Elections, my debut novel, Daughter By Court Order, was published and launched in Delhi at the end of May 2014. This book deals with important issues relating to the rights of women and daughters in a seemingly forward looking but otherwise feudal family, set in a modern North Indian context. The issues raised by the book might be of interest to you, specially as I have tried to show that laws and courts are not enough – what is required is good enforcement and administration, accompanied by a change of attitude.

These issues, I am aware, are close to you as well and I draw encouragement from your initiatives in bringing greater transparency and accountability to the administrative and judicial processes. I also draw encouragement from your call to the nation to treat its women well.

I do hope you will find the time in your busy schedule to read my book, a copy of which is enclosed with this letter.


Yours sincerely,

Ratna Vira