This Book About Bullying Needs Your Immediate Attention

Srijani Ganguli wrote movingly in Mail Today on 10th July 2016, when she said “This book about bullying needs your immediate attention.” She was writing about Ratna Vira’s book, It’s Not About You is a fictional tale inspired by real-life bullying incidents.


Although the author herself, fortunately, has not gone through the horrible ordeal detailed in It’s Not About You (Pan Macmillan), the news bulletins that have come up from time to time underlining the dark world of bullying have undoubtedly affected her.



The theme of familial tension is not new in her work. Her first novel too focused on that issue, more prominently. Her third book though, Vira says, is going to be a “surprise” while the fourth is still an idea in her head which will evolve in the winter months.


The author can already envisage the near future, when she will have “cups of steaming hot coffee, with a blower” to keep her company and a manuscript taking shape as she types.


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