This book was astonishing, staggering, stunning

Saheli Chatterjee reviewed It’s Not About You, calling it:

astonishing, staggering, stunning, and all the praising adjectives that can never fully fathom the wonder and intrinsic beguiling essence of it.

She goes on to say:

The initial aspect that had me thoroughly infatuated by this book is how ravishing and enthralling the writing was and the articulate nature of the single mother,Sammy who was struggling, juggling with her duties in life and fulfilling each and every one of them perfectly unless one call came. Her son had been brutally beaten up. There’s something peculiarly enticing about the book, that kept me persistently at the edge of my seat in anticipation, let alone keen about detecting the occurrences of what might happen as I flip through the pages and fly through the chapters, mainly because, amusingly yet capriciously provocative of major controversy, the story emotionally allures me.

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